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As well, on rare occasions Sedo reps will allow a domain to be sent to auction without any offers.Sedo occasionally runs online auctions as well, such as their recent Geodomain auction, so keep your eyes peeled for this as well. Afternic – Afternic also offers a large number of auctions, though not as many as Sedo.Afternic also recently started offering auctions for expired names, which I discuss below. TDNam – Run by Godaddy, there are always lots of active auctions here. There is no need to travel to another city to participate in a domain auction – you can do so, from the comfort of your home, wearing pyjamas and eating popcorn.There is a lot of overpriced crap, and some real jewels buried here. There are now enough online auction events spread throughout the year to keep any domain junkie happy.Namepros and Domainstate also offer a place to auction your domains. They held a successful live auction in conjunction with their conference in January of this year in Hollywood that actually received much positive coverage in the mainstream media. If you are selling a domain, just be sure to know what the rules are and set an appropriate reserve. The first one was a flop – not many domains, low quality domains, very high reserves – all the ingredients for failure.

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If you are a seller, they offer immediate liquidity for your domains – you don’t need to wait for an end user (or another domainer) to show an interest in your domain.As the market is quickly changing, I will keep this list updated over time.There are three main types of auctions: live, online and auctions for expired domain names.To sell via auction a domain you have listed at Sedo, you normally need an offer on your domain.It is generally considered appropriate (by domainers although not by Sedo) to ask someone to place the initial offer, provided that person does intend to go through with the offer if accepted.

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