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Only Babson College in Massachusetts scored lower than the University of Chicago, with just 17 percent of users saying they would go on a second date with a person from the school.1,600 people participated in the survey, which was based on close to 7,500 "date feedback reports" filled out by users after going on dates.

Dating Ring uses information from Facebook to help connect users and make dating matches, and bills itself as the "anti-Tinder," according to its website.

Learn more » President Robert Zimmer addresses commitment to international students, faculty, scholars, and staff in a message to the University » Interested in Entrepreneurship?

At UChicago your idea can be nurtured, developed, and make an impact!

Every application goes through the same holistic review process, meaning that there's no one piece of information—academic and extracurricular records, essays, letters of recommendation, and SAT or ACT scores—that could tell us on its own whether or not you would be a good fit for the College.

The results bolstered the stereotypes most Chicagoans already know about two of its local private schools: Most people would prefer to date a Northwestern University student than a University of Chicago student.

The top ten rankings: The "most dateable":10th place: Williams College9: Northwestern University8: Boston University7: San Francisco State University6: University of Delaware5: Mc Gill University4: University of Southern California3: University of Texas, Austin2: Lehigh University Best: Colgate University The "least dateable": 10th place : University of California, Santa Barbara9: Princeton University8: University of Pennsylvania7: University of California, Berkeley6: SUNY, Binghamton (Binghamton University)5: Michigan State University4: University of Washington3: Rutgers University2: University of Chicago Worst: Babson College Want more?

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At the moment, the creators have no intention of making a profit from the website.

Users will be able to create posts about the type of person and relationship they are in search of, and other users will be able to privately message them.

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