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Most of the actors here are not the one I knew except Park Si Hoo but in here, he doesn't act serious, kinda childish gentleman.I wonder why Korean family dramas bring a lot of emotions and tensions on viewers?what a looooonnnng wait we have for the next episodes...i like the way ji an's coming out of her dazed world and snapping at cdk..

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with this i hope she won't go ballistic again hehehe... Yes, about Ji An, beginning story showed she was a strong and not easily hurt by anyone and then, she became tremendously depression until she not a human being and doesn't care about her family anymore.In my opinions, Seo family isn't a good brought-up family.2 of his children, elder son-Seo Ji Tae and twin sister, Seo Ji An are the samples and same genes as their father.ji soo's way of showing her love for ji an with the cake she made..hyuk's slow awakening about his feelings for ji soo (hopefully writers pls)..

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