Updating bios for dummies

I've chosen this particular motherboard because so many of ASUS's boards are modeled after it.Also, the A7N8X-E is one of ASUS's most popular models; it's been available for nearly two years, and is still sold today for AMD-based systems.If your PC will not enter setup using those keys and/or does not display the message described above when first turned on, you will need to refer to your documentation or contact your PC manufacturer for support.It is recommended that you reboot after each individual BIOS setting change to ensure that your system functions normally.The Setup program also keeps track of the time with the computer’s internal clock as well as other random things.Be sure that you know how to get into your laptop’s Setup program.

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If you make numerous changes before rebooting, and your system will no longer boot, you won't know which change is responsible for the failure.

All modern PCs, laptops included, have a special Startup or Setup program.

What the setup program does is configure your laptop’s hardware.

It keeps track of such things as how much memory (RAM) is installed, the type of hard drive, whether or not you have a CD-ROM or DVD drive, plus other hardware options.

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