Updating display in a form

You must define may cause performance problems as sorting on a large queryset will be slow.Also, if your search fields include fields that aren’t indexed by the database, you might encounter poor performance on extremely large tables.The admin will display a “Show all” link on the change list only if the total result count is less than or equal to this setting.

Initially driven by Ministry of Education policy, the manual has evolved as additional needs and updates have been identified.

Supported by staff at the Ministry of Education, OSC is led by a chair from the SMC Executive Committee and its members represent the diverse school districts across the province.

Updates to the Standards Manual are decided upon by the OSC, who meets weekly to discuss and review suggested changes from the field, those referred by other SMC committees, or updates identified as required due to system updates or policy changes.

It reads metadata from your models to provide a quick, model-centric interface where trusted users can manage content on your site.

The admin’s recommended use is limited to an organization’s internal management tool.

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