Updating real time data

Many pundits agree that the need for information security, especially for critical and classified data, as well as the computing and data storage systems on which it resides, has never been greater.

Industry has responded with myriad innovations designed to deliver security and protection at not only the system level, but also at the embedded, component level.

The Oracle Golden Gate product line includes As a value-add benefit to customers, the Oracle Golden Gate core license includes a full use license for Oracle Active Data Guard and a full use license for XStream in Oracle Database. Oracle Active Data Guard enables standby databases to be actively open for reporting, even when redo data is being applied at the same time.

Next you need to download the Oracle Golden Gate software from Oracle Technology Network.

Any DML changes to this table on the first database should be carried over to the second database.

This replication will then be enhanced to include simultaneous replication to the Oracle 11 is frequently used in upgrade scenarios, where it is necessary to replicate data before a cutover to the upgraded database version. Note that in the case of Oracle databases, you do need to create datasource names (DSNs) for the databases using the Microsoft ODBC datasource administrator.

Oracle Golden Gate replication will connect directly to the Oracle database using the listener.

First of all, for a Windows system, you need to download and install the Microsoft Visual C 2005 SP1 Redistributable Packagefrom the Microsoft Download Center.

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