Updating resolv conf

Boot time options and triggers4.1 Boot menu options4.2 Triggers4.2.1 The TRK options server: make your lan TRK aware4.2.2 Scripts on the computer's local harddisks4.2.3 Script on the TRK medium5.

Upgrade, update and change of bootmedia procedures5.1 TRK on CD5.2 How to install/upgrade your USB media to run the latest version of TRK5.3 Setting up your PXE boot environment -Trinity Rescue Kit 3.4 has manpages for almost every utility, even the ones specific to TRK (new since 3.4).

Move the base ISO downloaded in the first step to the working directory.

From here on out, replace “ubuntu.iso” with the name of the image downloaded from the Ubuntu Release server ex.

Make sure the prerequisite software is installed for unpacking and repacking the image.

Open a terminal and run: Create a fresh folder to begin work.

You have now “logged out” of the installation environment and are “back” on the host system. Other guides stop working at this point, but have no fear!You will recognize this because the list will contain significantly more packages than those you selected.I personally remove games, scanning utilities (I don’t have a scanner) and default text editors like abiword and mousepad (geany is the best).This will start the builtin Links browser in graphical mode opening all of the documentation at once.To be able to switch between this help and your commandprompt, you must be in text mode Most commands also have a built-in help.

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