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This ensures that the Maximum value stays valid with respect to the new Minimum value.

The property changed callback for the Minimum property looks similar to this: Notice that changes to the Minimum property also result in coercion of the Slider’s Value property.

The Silverlight Slider control attempts to do this.

Unfortunately, this can lead to code that is cumbersome to maintain, especially if you need to use the same mechanism in several different classes.

The Affects Arrange flag will cause Invalidate Arrange() to be called on the target element when the property changes.

I’d like to highlight one more feature that is available in Silverlight if you use my code snippets.If the Maximum value happens to be less than the Minimum value, the function will coerce it to be equal to the Minimum value so that it is valid.The coercion routine for the Maximum property looks something like this: Whenever the related Minimum property changes, the control explicitly coerces the Maximum property.It’s All About Portability In Silverlight, there is no native mechanism for registering a property to affect measure or arrange.As such, you typically register a Property Changed Callback on the property and then explicitly call Invalidate Measure() and/or Invalidate Arrange() within your callback.

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