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Gamers have been politely discussing the merits of owning an Xbox verses owning a Play Station for a long, long time.

Some years, the scales tip one way, some years the scales tip the other way.

That's far from everyone, and if you're playing on a 1080p television there's a limit to how much of these improvements you're actually going to see.

The performance on either console will still be well above what you saw on the original Xbox One and Play Station 4, but the potential performance gap we're discussing here won't be something you'll experience until you make the jump to a 4K television.

Right now the differences are subtle, and only really apparent when the games are subjected to thorough analysis.

By the time these consoles have fully matured and developers have started to really push the limits of the hardware, it's possible there will be a clear visual difference between an Xbox One X and Play Station 4 Pro version of the same game.

The Xbox One X is just slightly wider than the Play Station 4 Pro, but it makes up for it by being appreciably smaller going the other way.

Microsoft's Windows Mixed Reality headsets are new to the Windows world, but will not be coming to the Xbox One X.

Despite the Xbox team's insistence that the console is capable of delivering the full Windows Mixed Reality experience, Microsoft has made it clear the Xbox won't see a Mixed Reality headset until there can be a wireless option.

Sony's Play Station 4 Pro and Microsoft's Xbox One X aren't so much a new generation of console as they are more capable versions of the existing generation.

These are the versions built to be a little more future-proof, and help set the stage for new gaming experiences. See Play Station 4 Pro at Amazon See Xbox One X at Amazon There's no nice way to put this, both the Xbox One X and the Play Station 4 Pro look kind of bland.

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