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Some people want a scent to last for hours and hours.

I'm happy if I can swap out fragrances 3 times in a day. I'm looking forward to buy a big bottle even though I have so many perfumes.

Will repurchase again because these are the type of scents I like for everyday wear.

Edit: I came back and like Lalondem below, wanted to say something about the bottle.

I barely detect the citrus which is fine by me because loud citruses smell more like lemon furniture polish on me. This is a very simple, quiet, safe, rose-y, musky, and enjoyable scent to wear anytime, anywhere. This could easily be a scent for the CLEAN brand fragrances because it brings to mind a fresh laundry softener smell after taking the clothes out of the dryer.

It's dainty the whole thing is like a miniaturized perfume that clings to the skin and does not project too much. It's like a little pink lace in a ribbon or bow on a doll. I can't seem to detect the sweetness of the raspberry, just something citrusy and floral. It's like the pollens of a rose constantly tickling the insides of my nose and eventually you get a woody musky scent.

It's really not my kind of perfume, generally I prefer more complex scents, but not all the time. This does not feel like either Arpege or Eclat D'Arpege but along the same lines with it's girlish sweetness. Very disappointed on its sillage and longetivity, very poor.

The middle is quite raspberryish and fresh, some rose lingers in the back. Somehow this gives me similar fresh and light feeling that Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina edt does.

Suitable for work and I can smell the pretty and fresh scent during the day, I spray generously and that gives quite good longevity. It's not so original or different but it's nice to wear and pretty.

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