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This issue is discussed in the following excerpt of an interview with Ken Arnold.

Ken is a research scientist at Sun and is one of the original architects of Jini, and was a member of the architectural team that designed CORBA.

Topology: The different configurations that can be adopted in building networks, such as a ring, bus, star or meshed.

Homogeneous network: A network running a single network protocol.

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When we say open, we mean each component is continually open to interaction with other components.

Failures fall into two obvious categories: hardware and software.

Hardware failures were a dominant concern until the late 80's, but since then internal hardware reliability has improved enormously.

This tutorial covers the basics of distributed systems design.

The pre-requisites are significant programming experience with a language such as C or Java, a basic understanding of networking, and data structures & algorithms. It's one of those things that's hard to define without first defining many other things.

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