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Alice is fully aware of Bob's faults but willingly endures the insults and troubles he dishes out because she believes her unconditional love is strong enough for both of them and/or will eventually reform Bob.

He may actually acknowledge that his actions are evil, but state that there's no way to accomplish his goals otherwise.

If Bob has formerly shown signs of potential goodness and believably develops into a decent person because of Alice's love, the relationship can change into a genuine Love Redeems scenario.

However, the evidence that is given of his basic goodness or potential to reform, the less convincing the Rule of Romantic becomes, and the more it seems that Alice is sacrificing herself to sustain an unhealthy relationship.

(Or the power of like-OMG good sex—or, more accurately, the power of Ikea Erotica).

On occasion, Alice becomes Bob's Morality Pet, and, when she dies, it prompts him into a Heel Face Turn.

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