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19, 1997 PIRN-9785: Matt Drudge scoops big media In the biggest loss of American life since the U. political, military, corporate, media and intelligence establishment, along with a military crew of six. The very fact that representatives of all segments of the American capitalist ruling class were on board this plane with a single economic objective dramatically illustrates the truth about U. imperialism far better than any theoretical treatise. Donald Terner represented his housing construction business; Claudio Elia was the C. It won contracts for construction projects throughout the Third World. Consider two other dead execs: Barry Conrad of Barrington Hotels and Walter Murphy of AT&T.S.-instigated civil war in Yugoslavia began, some 33 Americans died in a plane crash outside the port city of Dubrovnik as their U. military jet approached the city's airport on the Adriatic coast. Indeed, not only are the borders between these various ruling class institutions seamless, but in fact the biographies of some of the deceased on board this plane neatly illustrate how these ruling elites are interconnected by revolving doors that allow military leaders, corporate execs or journalists to become government or intelligence officials, and vice versa, and always with ever greater loot. A former vice-president of Chemical Bank, Meissner also served on the World Bank, in the Treasury Department, in Congress, the diplomatic service, and finally the Commerce Department. Prior to his executive post with the electrical generator manufacturer Asea Brown Boveri Inc., Donovan served around the world as a Lt. (An interesting example is the underground system of bunkers in Iraq which proved impenetrable to America's air strikes during the Gulf War and were built by a Yugoslav construction firm.) Now those firms will be shut out and shut down by U. Conrad was there to buy up at bargain prices hotel facilities in Bosnia and especially on the beautiful Adriatic coast.

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He also pointed out that Bono had no neck trauma, no contrecoup brain injuries, nor any other sign that would have come from colliding with a tree at 30 mph.

Fletcher suggested instead that Bono was beaten in the head with a gun and placed by the tree to make it appear as though he'd been in a skiing accident. The dead execs were conducted from place to place by top U. political and military brass, whose presence reminded the Croats and Muslims who's in charge, and guaranteed that the corporate bosses got whatever deals they wanted.

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