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” She still had the skills, she still had the passion, and she loves competing at the elite level.She got the opportunity to finally represent her country on a worlds team after getting the shaft in 20, and even though it wasn’t the best meet for her, she still walked away a world gold medalist and with a skill named after her. The Olympics were probably a hope for her but the Games aren’t the be-all end-all reason for doing elite gymnastics.

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As soon as the baby was born, both of them took no time to announce this wonderful news via Instagram.

She definitely had a lot of hardships as a child growing up. Hometown: Spring, Texas Age: 18 Favorite event: Floor Favorite exercise: Jumping, squats, anything legs.

And she was a single mom and had to deal with four kids and she still managed to do it and keep me in the sport of gymnastics and keep everyone fairly there, so she’s taught me a lot, and there is more to learn. It would just be phenomenal, knowing coming back wasn’t necessarily easy, but all the hard work is going to pay off in the long run. Favorite "cheat" food: Pizza Favorite music: "Hands to myself" by Selena Gomez Favorite hobbies: Shopping, friends Biggest crush (boy/girl): Zac Efron Role model: The Fierce Five (2012 London Olympic Women's Gymnastics team), Alicia Sacramone and Shawn Johnson. It would mean the world to me because the past couple years I’ve worked so hard for this and to see it all finally pay off would be a dream come true.

After three years of marriage, their married life is going strong as always. Alicia had more reasons to smile in 2016 as the couple announced that they are welcoming their first and the only child.

As soon this news broke out, Brad and Alicia made headlines.

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