Who is ariane from love and hip hop dating

The two met when Erica hired Elian to do her makeup.

Mimi Faust’s friend announced that she wanted the date women during season 2. During the season premiere, Ariane revealed she was dating a DJ named, Toni.

Erica was also in a relationship with former reality star Cyn Santana who appeared on the show with her.

Once Erica hooked up with Bow, Cyn was ran over like a ton of bricks, she was hurt because she found out on air that Erica and Bow Wow were in a relationship.

Erica is still hurting, she quit Love and Hip Hop and relocate to Atlanta with her son to marry Bow Wow but her actions on social media destroyed them as well as Erica fighting with Bow’s baby mama.

Erica wears her heart on her sleeves, she gets infatuated with a man or a woman extremely quick.

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