Who is chantelle houghton dating Nigeria live cam chat

The couple were there to talk about their past and new romance.

Seeing that the couple could not get their hands off each other, Bredan O'Connor suggested that they should get married.

As soon as I got in the chair I was panicking,' she recalls.

I made the dentist aware that I grind my teeth in my sleep, but they didn't tell me that if that's the case, you're not a good candidate for veneers.

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'I'd give anything to turn back the clock because it's not worth going through what I've been through just for whiter teeth.

Chantelle recreated her infamous Kandy Floss 'I Want It All' song routine from CBB4 as part of the Retrospective Task.

However, this time she was joined by Victor and Nadia.

After rushing into the bathroom for a quiet cry, the27-year-old was soon joined by the former Ordinary Boys singer, who comforted his ex.

John has been suggesting the exes reunite since they all entered the Big Brother house on Tuesday night.

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