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In Frank Sinatra: The Boudoir Singer, published in the US later this week, Porter recounts a story that he says was told to him by Peter Lawford, one of Sinatra’s “rat Pack” chums.Lawford claimed that Sammy Davis Jnr, another member of the famous gang, had an extensive collection of blue movies, including The Masked Bandit.

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He then spent the rest of his life hoping it would stay secret.

But it was Dolly who wore the trousers in the family.

Famous for her filthy mouth she ran a bootleg tavern and had a reputation as the best bartender in Hoboken.

She also boasted she had “beaten the s***” out of her sisters-in-law when they spread false rumours that she had a lover in Jersey City.

Rendered infertile by the brutality of Frank’s birth she spoiled her only son rotten but also ensured he was terrified of her – and she humiliated him by dressing him in pink baby clothes (she had hoped for a girl) and Lord Fauntleroy-style outfits.

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