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In our Hollywood-obsessed society, people are constantly craving the latest breaking news about A-list stars.

And this can mean the super mundane, like what *insert celebrity name here* had for breakfast.

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My family liked Joey but what I've been through - it's too much.'The show's presenters asked Lauren if there was any truth about her having a gastric band, which she explained was a mis-quote.

Lauren was apeparing on the show to set things straight regarding her crumbled dalliance with her ex-boyfriend Joey Morrison, who happens to be locked up in prison.'He was meant to come out, last year, in November and things were great,' she explained, composed at first.

'But where things got set back, it put strain on us. It was too much pressure.'Joey and accomplice, Marvin Russell Jacobs, were sentenced to 16 years in jail for a series of drugs-related and violence charges.

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A concert date on March 13, 2018, in Toronto, Ontario, looks to have mistakenly appeared on Ticketmaster and has since been deleted.

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