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Linked by a new shared lobby to the former library, which will be converted into a community center, the project transforms a piece of the urban fabric that was severely damaged in the twentieth century, reintegrating the adjacent historic neighborhood and main street and providing a gateway from the new Veterans Parkway.

The new building also transforms and expands the architectural vocabulary of the existing building to create a coherent complex with a civic presence and inviting, humane scale.

Originally, two too-low support zones flanked a vaulted clear-span reading room with generous clerestories at the north and a delightful grouping of angled stone walls and windows at the south.

As a result, the original south end arguably provided the only truly inviting space in the old library.To expand on the theme of open, airy, and surrounding light, various LED lighting solutions are throughout the design; half-inch reglet pin lights on the canted soffit walls provide an accent stream of light from above, indirect pendant fixtures over the open office workstations supply task illumination while accenting the ceiling plane forms with indirect light, decorative pendant fixtures in various casual gathering spaces and color changing LED wall washers were incorporated at the stair core focal point walls to assist in the development of a more dynamic vibrant setting.Through the innovative and clever use of spatial connectivity, finish materials and lighting, the lower level shell space was converted into an exciting, energetic, and most importantly, functional work place.The “lower” support zone is increased in height on both floors, and moved to the north and west facades.This allows a gable-roofed volume, rotated 90 degrees, to be opened to the south through a series of tall windows.

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