Who is olivia palermo dating

She's fiercely driven, a child of ambitious parents, a graduate of top schools, a candidate to became a partner in her firm. She doesn't do much of anything except work, although recently she bought a new house.

That's how she meets Brian Kelly (Simon Baker), who is single, attracted to her, and a landscape architect. They're fixed up on a blind date, but she makes awkward apologies and leaves. She doesn't seem to date black guys either, but she would in theory, if the IBM (Ideal Black Man) came along.

There's talk of the "black tax" that requires someone like Kenya to work harder than her white colleagues, in order to overcome doubts about her competence.

At work, she advises an important client to stay away from a merger; this is not news the client wants to hear, and he is unhappy hearing it from a black woman who seems better-informed than he is.

OK, it is a romantic comedy, technically, but the romance and the comedy don't arrive easily, and along the way the movie truly is something new: A touching story about a black professional woman facing problems in the workplace and the marriage market. Sanaa Lathan stars as Kenya, a Los Angeles accountant who is a workaholic.

Like its heroine, it knows good reasons for dating within one's race.

It knows about social pressure, and how it works both ways.

They have an argument in a grocery store that's real in a way love stories are rarely permitted to be. An IBM comes into the picture, a wealthy black professional (Blair Underwood) who says and does all the right things.

How the movie finally ends will not be difficult to guess. "Something New" doesn't settle for formulas or easy answers.

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