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It finds itself in the same foxhole with a known fraudster, one that it knew for years was a phony and whose disruptive behavior and outbursts to priests and laity alike it tolerated. This will establish a pattern, and that won’t help it one bit.

And after years of this knowledge, the SSPX, in 2016, did what no sane organization would do: It hired him to a full-time position, demoting the worthless Brucciani in the process. It’s one thing for an organization to be duped by a fraud like Viola. It’s an altogether different thing for an organization not to discover that it was duped and take action when there are red flags raised all along the road, especially when it had multiple people within the organization alerting it to this fact.

This is the best way to manage and repair your business reputation. Consumers want to see how a business took care of business. How those businesses take care of those complaints is what separates good businesses from the rest. He also writes that Viola was "recognized for his service" by the SSPX and then attempts to blame the employees by asserting that people were fired or resigned from the accounting department was due to a lack of--ahem--"professional caliber in order to operate." This, not surprisingly, is not completely true.

What makes this case even more amazing is that it accuses Viola and the SSPX, including that fraud of a priest John Brucciani, of collusion and retaliation toward the plaintiff when she and another employee aired their complaints about her unlawful treatment from Viola to Brucciani.

The e-discovery phase of this Petition should get very, very interesting. (For consistency’s sake, we’ll use the ridiculous term “gender discrimination” since the English-challenged legal profession has, for decades, confused nouns with people.) The indictment, or petition, is an explosive one, filled with specifics, including dates and people involved.

We already know that Brucciani and Viola had some shady deal going with the "charitable" website mentioned in an earlier post. Why would anyone want to change the policies of a man of integrity? If you want to read a petition to the court that is well-written and professional, read this one.

But this is what happens when rank amateurs, blinded by arrogance, are allowed to put on the big-boy pants and attempt to run the operation.

Following this insane logic, the priests at the Regina Coeli House should be allowed to fly commercial airplanes, perform surgery, or repair car engines.

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    We need to learn from what works, which means committed leadership from the top and from managers at every level, much better data on diversity throughout the management pipeline, and more transparency about progress,” she said.