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I mean, it's a church conference, there's no way they didn't at least see each other from a distance. This is the first time Selena and Justin have been in the same room for months and they tried to hide it. Selena and Justin attended the conference on Saturday but they left separately, obviously. The craziest part about the whole thing is that Sel attended the conference on Saturday after Bieber was publicly known to be there on Friday.

I mean, can you even imagine what the headlines would be if these two were caught LEAVING. Of course, he was going to go again on Saturday so the fact that Selena made the concise decision to go as well, says something.

EKFONRFIFK SELENA AND JUSTIN ARE FREAKING ADORABLE TOGETHER I AM LOWKEY DYING IN THE INSIDE @selenagomez @justinbieber pic.twitter.com/Yl Wk SEWn Ry— Amy 🥀 (@bxxamy) November 14, 2017). In the ~two weeks since getting back together, the two have definitely not been taking it slow, and apparently that's how Justin likes it.

A source close to the singer said he's enjoying his time with her. Spending all week with Selena is the dream week for him,” the source told .

As The Weeknd reconnects with his ex, Bella Hadid, Selena Gomez continues her string of appearances with Justin Bieber.

Last night, she supported the Canadian pop star at his hockey game in LA (for the second time).

#Jelena goes to church together, they ride bikes together, and now, they take cute couple-y walks together. It’s been 8 years and I’m so freaking happy and blessed that I finally got to see Justin.

It looks like Selena got custody of the pet after she and Tesfaye broke up at the end of October.

In recent weeks, Gomez and Bieber have made numerous joint public appearances, which began even before it was announced that she split with the R&B star.

The highest followers account on Instagram owned by Selena Gomez has recently been hacked with unknown hackers posting a bunch of nude photographs of her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber on her account.

The latest hack is not part of the ongoing Fappening events affecting a majority of celebrities by targeting their i Cloud accounts, rather in the case of Selena, some hacker managed to breach her Instagram account and posted Bieber's photos.

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