Who is sporty spice dating

That's when I first learned the power of "we" instead of "I." During our first year together as the Spice Girls, on a weekend when Emma and Victoria went home to visit their families, Mel B, Melanie C, and I went to Camden Market, a popular open-air market in London.

We weren't famous yet, but we strutted like we were (well, Melanie C was a little shy).

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We came from all sorts of performing-arts backgrounds, and we all had different musical tastes.

Mel B and I became partners in crime, always getting into trouble together.

Victoria and I had an equal, quite adult relationship.

Our sound had a very hoppy melody, and the beats chosen were not heavy R&B ones that dominated the song, which kept it very mainstream.

It was a melding of ideas, and that was the beauty of it: the compromise in music taste.

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