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At this point Tom Sandoval is a reality TV veteran.Heading into his fifth season of Vanderpump Rules, he’s seen and heard it all and is still impressed that the show has managed to retain so much realness despite the influence of fame, money, and cameras.

However, the two are still hanging out, and possibly double dating with Ariana and Tom Sandoval.Tom also alleged in part one of the reunion that he was cheated on.While Kristen denied all of the attacks made from her ex-boyfriends, Tom claims that he was so angry because of what he heard before cameras started rolling."I've gotten a lot of flack about the whole Kristen thing," he explained to E! "They basically cut right to me being amped up about Kristen and that was because two weeks prior to shooting the reunion, I found out that Kristen had slept with my best friend and former bandmate while we were together."He continued, "It of course makes me look like I'm keeping on and keeping on but it was something James said and she denied it."As for allegations made by Kristen that Tom and Ariana were having an emotional affair, he calls them "completely impossible" and "ridiculous." We know, there's a lot of drama going down at one restaurant.“What I’m trying to say is if you get into an argument like that, us being on a show just magnifies it, so… We get in arguments just like anybody else.” In October 2017, Ariana poked fun at the breakup rumors on Twitter.That’s all well and good that Ariana wants to defend her friends, but she probably doesn't want to ruin the new season, either.

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