Windows 2016 server not updating wsus

Within the Group Policy Objects, right click and select New.

Give the GPO a sensible name so that it will be easy for others to identify in the future.

To configure group policy, open the Group Policy Management console from within the Tools menu in Server Manager as shown below.

In this instance we’re going to create a new GPO to apply our changes rather than simply updating the existing Default Domain Policy as this is the best practice.

In this case we’re after our Windows Updates GPO which contains all of the changes that we’ve just made.

We can then specify if we want updates to install automatically every day, or specify a specific day of the week followed by the time the updates should begin from.Right click the container or OU that you want to link the policy to and select “Link an Existing GPO…” as shown below.From the Select GPO window that appears next, pick the GPO that you wish to link.The following is a list of the different options you can apply when configuring automatic updates through this policy.If you choose number 4, you can optionally check the box to install during automatic maintenance.

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