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This mom isn’t from America, and our strict laws regarding all things sexual are both a mystery and a disappointment to her.The conversation bounced around the table, with several mothers chiming in with anecdotes and advice.And as soon as one partner turns 18, the potential charges are much steeper. If you, as the parent, know that your minor child is having sex, you’re also liable for prosecution.And if your child sends inappropriate photos of anyone to anyone else from an electronic device that you own, you are liable for the content of that message. We want to honor our kids’ agency, provide them with the relevant information, and give them space to make choices while there’s still a safety net.I’d establish dating guidelines immediately: curfew, transportation for the date, can they date one-on-one or do they need to start with group dates, etc.I’d make those rules clear to your daughter, and I’d go over them with the crush, too.

To answer Jessica’s questions about her daughter’s budding relationship, I’ll share a few things I’ve learned parenting my own teenagers.He stated during these conversations that he did not have relationships with adult women because he was only aroused by small children.He also stated that he knew it was illegal to cross state lines to have sex with a minor.I’d also be honest about the legal situation, especially since he’s about to turn 18.If it’s clear that their physical contact is always consensual, you won’t turn him in.

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