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She bit her tongue to avoid showing that he was hurting her, as she knew he'd get even rougher if she did. He loved it when his sister let him fuck her, loved the feeling of his cock inside her pussy, it was like being stroked by a wet, silken glove. Ben started to stroke in and out, the sensation was incredible.

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She removed her tee-shirt and lay beside him, holding his semi-erect cock in her hand. "Come on Ben, get on top of me." He climbed on top of his sister, his small erection trapped between their bodies.Her own father had taken her virginity, something she could never get back and she hated him for it. Her pussy tingled at the thought of his cock inside her again.She could never feel the love of a boy the first time they had sex. She could easily take all of him in as his penis was no longer than three inches and as large around as a Sharpie."You lazy little shit," Bill Ogilvy slurred as he slapped his ten year old son's face with the back of his hand.Ben fell backwards onto his bed and immediately adopted a fetal position with his hands covering his face.

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