World of warcraft dating infographic

According to the Gamers Get Girls Infographic, it’s time to ditch '' and become a level 85 warlock in World of Warcraft if you want to get girls.

We usually have our pictures up in the chat window so people know who they’re talking to, and the women have a tendency to get hit on pretty frequently (myself included). However, there is one woman who started in the last year that gets hit on fairly regularly, and today a man in online chat was way too forward for comfort.

The ‘Gamers Get Girls’ infographic gives some interesting information that argues gamers may in fact have more luck with women than those who use dating websites.

First of all, one of the biggest online dating sites, e Harmony, only has one million members compared to the 12 million that play World of Warcraft.

Social media is a relatively new concept, having really only risen to prominence in the early/mid 2000’s, but it is something that has penetrated and shaped almost every aspect of our daily lives.

Social media have permanently changed communications, marketing, advertising, journalism and many, many other areas.

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