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At that time, Takamatsu Castle had a magnificent view of the surrounding area with a unique Western-style, three-story, five-layered, castle tower. The Ushitora tower, Moon-watch tower as well as Mizutegomon gate still exists which reflects ancient times.A recreational area with old pine trees and other beautiful trees attracts many residents and tourists.There are a variety of displays and explanations about electric signboards, offshore scenery from a simulated light house, as well as the history, life and sightseeing around Ogijima.Ogijima narcissus garden The narcissus garden in Ogijima is located around the recreational trail which was completed in October, 2003.

They also explain the role of the Japanese Coast Guard and the structures of Ogijima's lighthouse.

Onigashima Oni no yakata The Onigashima Oni no yakata has a shape of a demon's spreading arms.

There are displays of unique demons in Japan and a broadcast of "Nanakiourai" which is the demon legend of Megijima.

Different flowers bloom all year round, changing the scenery as you walk.

"One step, one scenery."The garden also has an excellent reputation overseas.

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